Penname: Sarra Collan [Contact]
Real name: Megan
Member Since: 09/21/2006
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I've been many things to many people - Diricawl on FictionAlley, Sarra Collan on FFN, and I've been through numerous LJ identities, discarding them as I grow bored.

What with the major crashing of FA and the subsequent loss of all my fics, as well as the fact that I can't seem to access my stories on FFN, I started hunting for a new playground, which led me here.

As I'm entering my third year at college, as well as hard at work on original novels, I don't think I'll have much time to write anything new, but in the mean time, I hope you enjoy some of the old. And if a plot bunny does get ahold of my ankle, I hope you'll understand if updates are few and far between.

Though I'm going by Sarra Collan here (in honor of two of my favorite Fantasy characters ever) you can call me Megan. This fandom has been near and dear to my heart for four years, I hope you enjoy.

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