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My first fanfic was "Dursley: the next Generation." In it, Dudley has a son who is a Wizard.

My next fanfic was "Dudley Dursley and Dies the Fire", which was a crossover between "Harry Potter" and "Dies the Fire", a novel by S.M. Stirling about mass starvation and death in the muggle world. my fanfic also has elements of "Slytherin Rising", a fanfic about 4 Slytherins who are 2 years older than Harry. I have completed my version of "Dudley Dursley and Dies the Fire" and It was reveiwed my S.M. Stirling himself. I have created an R rated version of this fanfic for this site by cutting out the 'ships. None of them were teribly important to the story except the Dudley/Bellatrix 'ship which was made funny by the cut.

I have written a sequel to "Dudley Dursley and Dies the Fire" called "The Parliament's War." It is complete.

I have also written a related fic called "Wizard on the Sea of Time." It is a crossover with S.M. Stirling's "Island on the Sea of Time."

My most contraversial fan fic is "Wedlocked!", Which is all about 'ships. Reveiwers of it often tell me that I am sick and going to hell.

I have written a sequel to "Wedlocked!" called "Harry Potter and the Horcrux of the Future." It is a Babylon 5 Crossover featuring weird interspecies romance.

Most of the above mentioned fics are NC-17 and thus not posted on this site.

My current fic is called: "Re-run." Thus far it is getting more reponses than everything else I've written combined.

Favorite Ship: Luna/Tonks
2nd favorite ship: Luna/ Harry
3rd favorite ship Luna/?

Least favorite ship: Draco/Good character (Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron)

I tend to write NC-17 but I will make R rated versions of my fanfics for this site.

Beta-reader: Yes

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