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Who am I? I'm a High School Science Teacher in Southern West Virginia. I'm a devoted husband of my wife Stephanie. I'm an avid reader and slowly becoming an avid writer of fan fiction. I'm a dogmatic Harry/Ginny shipper, but I'm lenient on other ships. I think Ron/Hermione is canon but can enjoy Ron/Susan, Ron/Hannah, Ron/Luna, Hermione/Viktor, Hermione/Ernie, Hermione/Terry, and Hermione/Anthony. I like Neville Longbottom with Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, and Parvati Patil. I even enjoy a Draco Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson pairing. I'm a characterization snob, if Harry and Ginny don't behave in a manner in keeping with canon I hit the back button. I'm a RPG writer. I write a character in: which is a link to the Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG. Who am I? I'm all these things and more.


<i>Note for those of you wondering about <b>Harry Potter: Metamorphosis</b>... Chapter 6 is about 15% drafted. I know... I know slow going... while the entire story is more or less plotted some scenes are proving uncooperative to write.</i> 

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