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Howdy all. My name is Katie. I am an English student whose proffessors and real-life friends would probably have her committed if they knew she was spending so much time (or, really, any time) writing Harry Potter fan fiction. I have too many books, a collection of piggy banks, a thing for guys with accents or glasses (preferably both), a three-legged cat named Jake, and penchants for Dr. Pepper, old movies, and shoes that I can't afford.

You are talking to a bona-fide, grade-A D/Hr shipper, so if that ain't for you, you're looking at the wrong profile, baby. I have a one-shot, Nothing Important Happened Today, completed and posted, and I continue to work hard my WIP, Linked, which is, of course, my baby.

For those of you who might be wondering, Philyra is the Greek goddess of writing. And of paper, but I don't hold that against her. Most gods had at least one or two lame things they had to be in charge of.

I make my permanant fanfic home over at, so stop by there to see more indepth author's notes, comments in my author's profile about future projects and such, and other fun tidbits.

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