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I am Livs. I'm 14, from good ol' England, and I rather love Harry Potter. I started writing November 2005 thanks to Hattie, my absolute inspiration (check out her stories under 'hattiepotter' because they are the coolest) She rocks my socks and I love her very much.

I write James and Lily mainly because there is so much freedom there and I love the characters so much. Sirius is my all time favourite character from the Marauder era and Ron from the current...ness... I love Lily a lot though and Harry, of course. I also love Ron and Hermione more than you could imagine. Oh man, I love it all.

My main story goes right up to James and Lily's deaths and I think that I'm going to end up splitting it up into a trilogy. I love writing it and at the moment I'm about one third through the second part of the trilogy which is very cool.

I write other stuff too, mainly Harry and Ginny one-shots, but I only do that when I'm bored of my story or I'm out of inspiration. Or I just want to write some fluff. I'll try to get some of those thing up.

 Anyway, yeah, just read my stuff and if you like it then tell me. Happy reading.

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