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Real name: Mask
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Iím a transplant from MNff, landed here by recommendation from a friend. I generally make my home on the MNff forums, as head of an organization called The Society for the Promotion of Evaluations for Writers (SPEW.) As the long version of the name suggests, SPEW is a group of people who like to give and receive constructive reviews.

In real life Iím an avid reader and horseback rider. Iím also a student, but I spend very little of my time actually attempting to do anything involving schoolwork, so I tend to forget that part.

I ship Hermione/Snape, Lupin/Tonks, and Neville/Luna, but Iím not one of those people who tries to convert other people to their ship. I enjoy other ships as well, including just about anything unexpected. In my opinion, the ships of Hermione/Draco, Ginny/Draco, Ron/Hermione, and Harry/Ginny are to be avoided like the plague.

I tend to write dark fics, and enjoy reading one-shots exploring unexpected or improbable events.

Beta-reader: No

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