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Heyya im Jodie im from England, im 14 years old, my birthdays the 20th nevember and yes i have spelt User name wrong it should be Broken but alse it Brocken LOL i cant spell. Hope you like my fan fics :P:P:P

I wouldnt say i was in  fashion group - townie, chav goth ect.- i like alsorts of music and well 2 be honist im not relli into fashion

My best friends are Jack, Sean, scott, chelsea, molly and tamanda!!!! love you all

I love music,its every thing to me with out music life would suck!!!!!  i sing alot have had lessons when i was relli young my mum says i was singin before i could talk but i dowt that, i also leart how to play the drums and gitar when i was young and i still have lesons now. i love to write lyrics and poems and stuff that touches people and mkes them think i might write one at the bottem. 

i also love acting im a tatal drama queen or so ive been told im not like Plastic or any thing and im get quite shy but when im on stage its like a whole diffrent world and all my problem seem to melt its the same with singin :P

i want to be a actoress or singer when im older and mabye become famous that would be cool though i dowt i will but hey a girls got to dream lol

this is a poem i wrote called

What is Love?

Love is like thunder 
that doesnt makea sound
love is like a snow-flake
that doent hit the ground

Love is like the sun
so full of rage
love is a singer
that doesnt sing on stage

love is like a puppy
that never gets old
Love is an old pemmy
more presus than gold

Love is lie winter
through to the end
Love is like you
My best friend


Sometimes love is never there
nomatter if we pretend
love is a broken heart
always on the mend

by me Jodie Henstock

reveiw and tell me what you think and when i put storys up  tell me if its good or crap plz.ill ty to update regularly if i can. and if you want to contact me my addy is

*Broken Angel*


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