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What to say - I love horses and Harry Potter. I've been obsessed with Harry Potter for like, forever... Lol. I've been obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember, my parents finally got me riding lessons as a Christmas present almost four years ago now... One of my very earliest memories is petting a carriage horse on the nose with my dad holding me up because I was really short. :) I have two cats (a mixed breed female named Marvel and a Tonkinese female called Blue) and a puppy (Labrador Retriever female named Hunter), my brother has three gerbils and a fish tank... If I was told to pick the Harry Potter character most like me, it's without a doubt Hermione. I have that bushy hair (lol, I think that 'thick' 'untamed' and 'wild' are better word choices) and the brain, I love reading... I have gotten myself into multiple scrapes as I have a tendency to like doing somewhat crazy things. I back my friends with almost everything they do, and they mean tons to me. I also remind myself a lot of Ginny, with the temper and everything lol. Oh, and my birthday is (no kidding) April 1st. Haha, Fred & George and I have the same birthday :) I'm not much of a prankster though, unfortunately.

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