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Righto. I was never good at writing all these bio thingamajigs. Let's get on with it then, shall we?


Name's Elizabeth Sarah, but liz is just fine. I'm 18 as of July 2006, therefore legal to do most things. Don't harp on me about it. I still feel 16 though. And mind you, when I was 16, I was in hell a lot of trouble.

I don't think I'm that much of a HP fan. I used to be, but I guess I've toned down a bit. Comes with age, I think. I've been reading HP fanfics since the forth book, and written a little bit of really boring stuff here and there. Nothing that I can face the world with. I've RPed as well. Kinda stopped now due to the immense amount of things I need to be doing at school.

I'm a singaporean, I didn't mention that, did I? Yeah, welcome to south east asia, baby! I'm studying for a diploma in visual communications (design), and I'm in love with CSI, and my dog yuki.

I'm sneaking up on this site behind my online-big bro's back, actually. He doesn't know I've registered for an account. I have absolutely no idea what he'll do when he finds out though.

Oh, did I forget to mention who he is? James Milamber. Yuppo.

Anyway, I'll see if I can get up the works to actually start writing again. God know's my english is rusty. Happens when you start talking a mix of a few languages everyday.

Hope you like what I have to offer guys!

p.s. I'm single, and desperate. Add me to msn and let's get married. LOL. Just kidding.

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