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Real name: Elle Viaquez
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I mainly write stories to entertain myself while on school holidays, or generally to pass time when I'm bored.

I usually just write about whatever I'm interested or obsessed with at the time and the story starts from there.

I currently have completed two stories, one 12 pages, the other 38. I'm currently working another story which i expect (or hope rather) to have finished by mid April, and another half written work, which probably wont end up being completed.

In the near future i hope to upload one of my shorter stories (which i had to write for my English class), and maybe one day i'll post one of my longer stories.

I'm sort of nervous posting my stories here, i usually don't let anyone read them, i get embaressed about my writing.

I'll leave this here for the time being...

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Life is a long and winding road; a journey into the future. The future is straight ahead, beyond the horizon. But in order to get to this horizon, one must stop at an intersection, wait for the traffic to pass, take in the scenery, and then decide whether to turn left, right, or just continue along the same road.

And we're on the road to nowhere...

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