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I am Jagarus K. Palm, born and raised somewhere in the USA. I like gold fish crackers and sleeping. My favorite activity is playing RPGs and games like mahjong and Bejweled.

I am Tigress M. White, born and raised on the opposite side of the USA than Jagarus. I love playing RPGs, writing stories and reading, solo games are definitely mahjong and solitare.

This story is co-written between Jag and Tig. We hope you enjoy

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Stories by Tigarus
Dragon's Claw by Tigarus [Young Adult]
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A village destroyed by an unstoppable force. A survivor finds shelter in unlikely company. Old foes are confronted and the differences between man and beast are put to the ultimate test.

Categories: Fantasy Fiction; Characters: None; Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Series: Dragon's Claw - Chapter 2
Word count: 4695; Read Count: 9; Completed: No

Updated: 14/05/09; Published: 06/04/09