Penname: L Viaquez [Contact]
Real name: Elle Viaquez
Member Since: 22/03/07
Membership status: Member

I mainly write stories to entertain myself while on school holidays, or generally to pass time when I'm bored.

I usually just write about whatever I'm interested or obsessed with at the time and the story starts from there.

I currently have completed two stories, one 12 pages, the other 38. I'm currently working another story which i expect (or hope rather) to have finished by mid April, and another half written work, which probably wont end up being completed.

In the near future i hope to upload one of my shorter stories (which i had to write for my English class), and maybe one day i'll post one of my longer stories.

I'm sort of nervous posting my stories here, i usually don't let anyone read them, i get embaressed about my writing.

I'll leave this here for the time being...

Beta-reader: No

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