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Real name: Chelsea
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I was recently made to accept the fact that at one point in my life I was a writer.

I have had a few stories claw and fight their way out of my mind and on to the computer.

I haven't written anything in about 7 years. Now I have written a few things but not much of consequence.

I decided to publish on here to give back to the ones that I pester. It is only fair that I take some of my own medicine from time to time. 

This is (the internet) were I am learning to write in genres that I know nothing about, to just stretch myself.

I hope you find something fun here with me in my world of quirky characters. But if not, at least you didn't have to spend money on buying a book or something...Right?

So, until we meet again may you find what it is in this word that moves your soul and be captivated by it...


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