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I'm a 15 year year old currently. As in, very very soon I'll have the pressures and crude jokes of the coming of age, AKA 16, pressed upon me.

 Maybe I'll just sink further into writing and block them out.

 I mainly write Harry Potter trcfanfiction, on MNFF and the MNFF beat Boards. They're love, obviously.

Same penname on most sites. LJ is luridlysteph14; comment for an add.

Any fiction I post here is usually written for school assignments with a word limit, and therefore usually isn't very long. Perhaps if I can manage NanoWriMo 2007, that will be posted here, too.



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Reviews by Lurid
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Past Featured Story

A teenage girl wonders about the aspects of love and asks you, the reader, to help her figure out whether she is in love or not with a man she met through her ex.


Categories: Romance Fiction; Characters: None; Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 1853; Read Count: 769; Completed: Yes

Updated: 14/02/07; Published: 14/02/07
Reviewer: Lurid (Signed)

So I was just browsing through it all and came across this one. Huzzuh for that, because I actually really enjoyed it!

...I bring up the tab, briefly responding to someone’s hastily typed, grammatically incorrect MSN message. O rly? Coz m8 thaz incdbl. Lyk rly.

 :D But you had me laughing with that.  I tewnd to do that a lot myself, both think that way and reply that way when I'm not really interested.

 I really like the character, the way she responds. We know she's not really all that experiences, but just the way Nicole (you?) describe things, the "virgin" heart strings and the chaste kiss... it's so comparible to real life it's starting and cute at the same time :)

 I really liked the language used, actually. The word "Anyways" actually made me wince a little bit, but then I laughed and thought, Well, I say that quite a lot... And I like the... (..oh what's the word?) the... tentativeness (that's the best word I can find) that she has towards this affection. There's the disapproval and then the complete soaring of the heart and -- I don't think I need to say anymore, but really? I think you've captured the teenage mind SO well.

 So huzzuh once more :D.

Author's Response: I am really glad that the randomness of your searched decided to stop on mine. I thought the whole thing about msn would be perfect  in here because it is true that that is how alot of teenagers write. I am happy you thought my portrayal of the teenage mind was good because I wanted this girl to seem somewhat ordinary. The person who this story is based off of is a little strange, I'll admit and poetic minded so...yeah. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the nice LONG review.

Chapter 1: What is Love?
Crystal Fantasy by LadyMortis [Young Teen]
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Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I am in another place, another time; a place where the constant hardships of life cannot interrupt the calm serenity of my fantasy.

A woman, suffering the many hardships of life, has become cynical of humanity and all it entails. Caught in the endless terrors the world seems to conjure, she is beginning to lose faith in man. Then she meets Keiran.

"Your tears bring hope that one day, enough tears will have been shed to end this seeming eternal war"

Keiran, the wind sage of Utopia, is a figment of her imagination. Yet as their relationship strengthens and grows, she begins to wonder where the line is that seperates reality and fantasy and if it can be blurred until they are one and the same.

Categories: July Challenge, Fantasy Fiction; Characters: None; Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 3015; Read Count: 996; Completed: Yes

Updated: 08/07/07; Published: 06/07/07
Reviewer: Lurid (Signed)
Your writing reminds me of a crystal, actually. It’s so beautiful in the first paragraph, like each line is a new side to the crystal and I’m turning it in the sun. I am in a place where machine guns are non existent and knives are nothing more than cutlery. Other than the fact TRC auto-format is kick ass, I love this sentence. It’s so simplistic and I really just love it. It’s something I admire in real fiction, more than in fan fiction, if you’re also a writer. While it has its own quirky qualities I (obviously) love, there’s something about the truth in OF I love to bits. 

I didn’t expect the story to be about something as ugly as war. It reminded me of those recount, and especially of a book I read of a girl in Saudia Arabia. Very good, that description about the deaths. Very realistic.

 “This is actually a fantasy world which you have created.” Keiran said. Brief slip-up there, the period should be a comma.  “it is not the age in years that makes one a sage but the age of mind.” And there, even though it’s on the same line of dialogue as her, I think it should be a capital I. /pedantic. 

Quite a different story. I did think that the eloquence was lost from the first part of her journey, in the part about her being pregnant, and perhaps the start truthfulness of what you were saying was fading a little from Keiran’s world, but other than that it was an… experienced story. I liked the insight, and the contemplation of Love, and the scene that was developed from it. The crying people are a beautiful image.

Author's Response: Lurid, I appreciate you review and your constructive crticisms. I am glad you liked it because to be honest, I thought I may have overdone it a bit when all this bad stuff was happening to her. Again, though, thank you for tthe wonderful review.

Chapter 1: Hope, Faith and Love
Embargo by Jade [Adult]
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Trista is a Princess, and she enjoys going to Court once every year. Niccolo is a Prince, and he does as well. They should be compatible, but there's a lot keeping them apart.

Categories: Fantasy Fiction, July Challenge; Characters: None; Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 3139; Read Count: 254; Completed: Yes

Updated: 27/07/07; Published: 27/07/07
Reviewer: Lurid (Signed)

Hi! So I'm this newbie kid on TRC (even though I've been here for... ages, and haven't posted more than one review. Go me) so I'm still getting used to reading original fiction that's not in a cover, bound, and/or with a dust jacket. It's nice, actually.

 As I said in your LJ (and I just assumed Jade = you, so I hunted you down and decided to officially review you) I really love the complexity of this. I did think it a little rushed at the start, which hasn't changed since I read it a second, slower time. I think I may have read it slower the first time, actually.

It still invoked the same images. You know when you go into a candle shop, and there's one scent you can just keep sniffing, the one candle you always smell when you walk into your room, above all others? There's something about the faeries (fairies) that does that to me. I just loved all the attention to the delicate wings. Fairies are like delicacy and miniature sweetness personified, almost like those sugar spun quills. Glittery and such. so you captured that well.

Lord knows the smut was good.

But yes, I definitely would have loved and extension on this. I understand with the urge to write it, it all came out at once, but even as a spin off? At your own leisure sort of thing, this could turn out to be something great. It's already inspired me, you know. So have a go, Jade!

(And I just learned a valuable lesson in TRC formatting >.<)

Chapter 1: Chapter 1