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MaiaMadness responds to the names Lady Madness, Mistress Madness, just Madness or, if you must, Maia. She wrote her first book at the age of five. It was finished when she was six, when a very evil teacher threw it away after Lady Madness left it in the classroom one day after school.

Lady Madness cursed the teacher in a very just if not entirely evil way. Nobody knows what became of her.

Around the same time, Lady Madness began to teach herself English, a language that was to become a most important tool in her writing career thus far. 

She kept writing short stories and little books all the way through primary school, and was always favoured by her Norwegian teachers and her English teacher.

At age fourteen, Lady Madness discovered trcfanfiction, and began writing in the Harry Potter genre. She kept writing original works of fiction for her own amusement, and for a while she posted these works at FictionPress and DeviantART. However, she was soon discouraged, and her original fiction remained stored on her computer.

In 2006, Lady Madness joined MuggleNet Fan Fiction, where she began writing and posting more serious Harry Potter trcfanfiction for a more serious audience. It was also here she began her career as a Beta reader, evenrually joining the Perfect Imagination archive, where she is still to be found.

In a thread on the MNFF forums regarding original fiction, Lady Madness was finally led to The Red Chair, where she has been sitting for quite some time and attempted to make her original fiction legible. What you find below is the result of that.

The Mistress Madness enjoys books, music, writing, singing, composing and, on rare occasions, drawing.

She dislikes hypocricy, lack of respect for others, fabricated pop music and broccoli.

Reviews and Cookies are always most welcome. 


MaiaMadness is 19 years old and resides in Oslo, Norway.


MaiaMadness' PI number: 5604525626  


Beta-reader: Yes

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