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Real name: Mariah
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Name: Mariah

Beta Reader? Duh.

Likes: Writing, reading, Africa, chocolate, signing yearbooks, Mexican food, The Strokes, Wikipedia, dance, theatre, The Chumscrubber, Italian food, the Renaissance, Shakespeare, Little Miss Sunshine, brightly-colored Sharpies, moving

Dislikes: Doing dishes, Oriental food, folding socks/underwear, science, moving, idiocy, rice, Oprah, soap operas, the movie Blank Check

 Career Aspiration: Writer

Dreams: To travel... everywhere

3 Random Facts: I'm a military brat, I love watching the previews before a movie, and my favorite teachers are always the ones that other students hate.

My Stories

Chocolate Night: This was written for a school assignment for which we were given completely free reign over what to write; our only rule was to "tell a story". It could have been anything from a real anecdote from my life to a re-telling of an old myth to original fiction, and being me I chose the last option. I rather like the story, and am quite proud of it, though going back and re-reading it I realize that last year I was dangerously infatuated with hyphens and overused them greatly throughout the story. So if hyphen abuse makes you uncomfortable, proceed with caution. : P

Impossible: I decided on a whim (and sort of because I was upset that there was only one entry!) to enter the July challenge. I really just sat down in front of a blank document and started typing and this is the product. Not my best work ever, but it was quite satisfying to write.

The Graveyard: I had an idea of the mood and setting I wanted for this story for weeks, but I didn't plan anything else. Everything just came out the way it was as I was writing it. One of my favorite pieces.

 And I assure you that there will be loads more in the future.

Beta-reader: Yes

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