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Real name: Stephanie
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I'm a 15 year year old currently. As in, very very soon I'll have the pressures and crude jokes of the coming of age, AKA 16, pressed upon me.

 Maybe I'll just sink further into writing and block them out.

 I mainly write Harry Potter trcfanfiction, on MNFF and the MNFF beat Boards. They're love, obviously.

Same penname on most sites. LJ is luridlysteph14; comment for an add.

Any fiction I post here is usually written for school assignments with a word limit, and therefore usually isn't very long. Perhaps if I can manage NanoWriMo 2007, that will be posted here, too.



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Favorite Authors
1. L Viaquez

Mella is the shizz.

 You know it.

 I know it.

Soon all of the Red Chair will know it too.