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Reviewer: Rynn (Signed)
02/11/07 - 05:06 pm
This is pretty interesting.  Very cool format as well.  It's very funny at parts, although I'm wondering why parents talk to their children through emails? Is that an attempt to continue the whole story through these emails? Well, no doubt that'd be interesting.  Must be difficult, though, eh?

Author's Response:

WELL, the only reason Magdalena and her dad talked through e-mail was because she needed an assignment she'd forgotten to print; and Ryan only talked to his dad through e-mail because his dad wasn't going to be there until the next day and he wanted to clear things up.

 Also, I wanted to introduce their e-mails, since they'll be used in the (near) future.

And no, for some odd reason, I don't find it very difficult. I mean, I'm going to start using ANOTHER way for making things a bit easier, but it'll still have the e-mails, of course. I mean, I really like this format and I'm not about to give it up.

 Well, thanks for reviewing! =D It's really appreciated!

Chapter 2
Reviewer: apollo13 (Signed)
11/10/07 - 02:51 pm

OI! I"M ENGLISH AND I LIKE TO THINK THAT WE DON'T HAVE AN ACCENT THAT MAKES PEOPLE WANT TO PUKE!!! My accent is far from sophisticated - I think you just don't like the English accents that the Simpsons make us out to have, along with all the actors in HP and other English films, who are all posh. Baisically, you can only make it as an actor if you're born with money and pushy parents. /rant

Other than that DESPECIABLE PART, it was really interesting, and sounded very much like the typical teenage worl. I would have liked occasional breaks from the emails, but I guess you'll lapse into proper story format once he moves, right?

It sounds like an interesting plot line. :)



Author's Response:

Evie -- I don't dislike the accent, really, just my characters do XD; But you know, you're probably right. It's movies (and stupid recordings I have to hear in English class) that distort my notion of the english accent. The other day in English, our teacher had the most horrible wonderful idea and decided to make us listen to a recording in which a woman was reading a text from our textbook. Her accent was so ARTIFICIAL that we just wanted to run away. Okay, so I wanted to run away (because the others were too stupid to realize that there IS a difference between britishes and americans, but okay) but still... Oh and I'm still thinking about whether to switch to story format or not. I MEAN, I don't want to stick entirely to e-mails but... You know "The Boy" series by Meg Cabot? They're really, really good -- you should read them. I have the ebooks and everything. They're not just e-mails, really, and I was thinking more along the lines of-- Oh. Plot. Right.


Anyway, thanks for the review XD (And good to know you also write at MNFF! (I read in your profile (I love the parenthesis usage)))

Chapter 1
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