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Reviewer: Maira (Signed)
15/04/09 - 04:15 am

Oh no! Poor Trista!

That was a really interesting story. You created a whole world, and it was a fascinating and complex one. Well done! I look forward to reading more stories set there!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Lurid (Signed)
03/08/07 - 08:23 am

Hi! So I'm this newbie kid on TRC (even though I've been here for... ages, and haven't posted more than one review. Go me) so I'm still getting used to reading original fiction that's not in a cover, bound, and/or with a dust jacket. It's nice, actually.

 As I said in your LJ (and I just assumed Jade = you, so I hunted you down and decided to officially review you) I really love the complexity of this. I did think it a little rushed at the start, which hasn't changed since I read it a second, slower time. I think I may have read it slower the first time, actually.

It still invoked the same images. You know when you go into a candle shop, and there's one scent you can just keep sniffing, the one candle you always smell when you walk into your room, above all others? There's something about the faeries (fairies) that does that to me. I just loved all the attention to the delicate wings. Fairies are like delicacy and miniature sweetness personified, almost like those sugar spun quills. Glittery and such. so you captured that well.

Lord knows the smut was good.

But yes, I definitely would have loved and extension on this. I understand with the urge to write it, it all came out at once, but even as a spin off? At your own leisure sort of thing, this could turn out to be something great. It's already inspired me, you know. So have a go, Jade!

(And I just learned a valuable lesson in TRC formatting >.<)

Chapter 1
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