Reviews For Monsters

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Reviewer: LadyMortis (Signed)
17/01/08 - 01:13 pm

That was very powerful and tastefully done. I have not crossed a story quite like yours yet and found it quite unique. I want to say thank you for submitting. IT was very well done

Reviewer: apollo13 (Signed)
31/07/07 - 10:33 am

**shudder** That's quyite creepy. Ms Briar sounds very scary. I thought you did a really good job of describing the asylum, and you handle the abuse she went through very well.


Reviewer: TheSaucyBird (Signed)
28/06/07 - 04:23 pm

This story is very well written. I had a sort of stretched feeling throughout the whole thing. I think you really did a good job at describing what an asylum is like. The patients were very realistic and the feeling of dread lingereing everywhere was almost tangible.

I feel very... jittery now. Haha. You did a very good job!

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