Reviews For Learning to Hate

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Reviewer: LadyMortis (Signed)
15/02/07 - 01:57 pm

wow... Great work with this one. It conveys human nature quite well.

I think it also conveyed quite well our convoluted way of thinking. This was amazing.

Good Job

Learning to Hate
Reviewer: Oracle (Anonymous)
15/02/07 - 11:56 am

This story was rather scary, to be honest.  Like I wrote in the forums - people scare me.  This grandfather, who wants to teach this boy to hate rather than love - he is the scariest kind of person to me.  I had chills when Franz held the knife to his throat - and the worst part of it is that I, the inveterate peace-lover, wanted him to draw the blade and kill this ugly, hateful man. :(  I was ashamed of myself for wishing it, but that's how drawn into the story I was.

Great effort!

Learning to Hate
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