Reviews For Butterfly Wings

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Reviewer: Rynn (Signed)
05/08/07 - 11:24 pm

I like the way Nicole speaks.  The first paragraph really got me hooked - it's written beautifully.  But I didn't understand - what happened to Jason? I understand the man she went out with was six years her senior - but that couldn't be Jason - could it?

Author's Response: Yes, that was Jason... Nicole is unsure if she is in love or not. I am glad you liked it

What is Love?
Reviewer: Lurid (Signed)
21/03/07 - 04:01 am

So I was just browsing through it all and came across this one. Huzzuh for that, because I actually really enjoyed it!

...I bring up the tab, briefly responding to someone’s hastily typed, grammatically incorrect MSN message. O rly? Coz m8 thaz incdbl. Lyk rly.

 :D But you had me laughing with that.  I tewnd to do that a lot myself, both think that way and reply that way when I'm not really interested.

 I really like the character, the way she responds. We know she's not really all that experiences, but just the way Nicole (you?) describe things, the "virgin" heart strings and the chaste kiss... it's so comparible to real life it's starting and cute at the same time :)

 I really liked the language used, actually. The word "Anyways" actually made me wince a little bit, but then I laughed and thought, Well, I say that quite a lot... And I like the... (..oh what's the word?) the... tentativeness (that's the best word I can find) that she has towards this affection. There's the disapproval and then the complete soaring of the heart and -- I don't think I need to say anymore, but really? I think you've captured the teenage mind SO well.

 So huzzuh once more :D.

Author's Response: I am really glad that the randomness of your searched decided to stop on mine. I thought the whole thing about msn would be perfect  in here because it is true that that is how alot of teenagers write. I am happy you thought my portrayal of the teenage mind was good because I wanted this girl to seem somewhat ordinary. The person who this story is based off of is a little strange, I'll admit and poetic minded so...yeah. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the nice LONG review.

What is Love?
Reviewer: Oracle (Anonymous)
15/02/07 - 12:06 pm

This is very, very different from your usual form of writing...but that does not make it bad. :)  I like the train-of-thought, first-person point of view.  I was drawn into this young lady's confusion almost as though it were my own, and that is an accomplishment for an old married woman.  :)

I was a little confused with the dream part - a little more setup would have been good, I think.  

Other than that, great job!

Author's Response:

I realized the dream part was confusing and part of me regrets putting it in there but I thought maybe it would help explain the shifting emotions of Nicole. I am glad you enjoyed it though.

What is Love?
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