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Reviewer: Maira (Signed)
15/04/09 - 04:49 am

That was great! Very well written, with interesting characters and a twist that I didn't expect! : )

Rugged Turf
Reviewer: Rynn (Signed)
05/08/07 - 11:00 pm
That was...bittersweet.  Lovely, yet bittersweet.  She fell in love with a vampire of all people? But I did love it - Caleb has an endearing personality, I love the way you created that character.  And Lynn in that institute - wow.  I reall liked this.

Rugged Turf
Reviewer: LadyMortis (Signed)
16/02/07 - 02:07 pm

Awww, that was really well done. I wasn't sure about what would happen but I love the way you wrote it...

 Is Lasher, from The Witching Hour, seriously a vampire? I haven't finished the book yet so I don't know...

Awesome Job and Good Luck on the challenge

Author's Response: Thank you! To be completely honest, I've read only the first few pages of that book, and I needed a good, popular vampire book stat so that was the first thing that popped into my head, lol. I'm glad you liked it. :)

Rugged Turf
Reviewer: Oracle (Anonymous)
15/02/07 - 12:49 pm

Well, this story surely left me with a lot to think about...*is* Caleb real?  The fact that Lynn's father could see him on the beach suggests that he is, but poor Lynn!  How would it be to doubt whether what you see is of this world or is not?  Not much fun, in my opinion.

You did a great job with the schizophrenia, much in the style of A Beautiful Mind. Usually, hallucinations in schizophrenia are auditory rather than visual, but visual has been known to happen as well, so this is in the realm of the believable.

I liked the character of Caleb.  He's one of those fantasy characters that you can actually relate to - he's supposed to be a monster, but he doesn't seem like much of one.  I almost wish he would bite her so they can be together and she can get away from her insanity!

The last line is priceless.  Overall, very good work! 

Author's Response:

Yay, thanks very much! :D As the author I really wish Caleb was real. ^.^ I've had his voice in my head for a while now, and I'm itching to write more about him. And at first, I was really uncertain about making Lynn a schizophrenic [she wasn't anything else in my head] because I was worried the story would come across as really morbid. O.o But I'm glad you liked it. Thank you again! :)

Rugged Turf
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