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Reviewer: apollo13 (Signed)
18/08/07 - 01:15 pm

This was a really amazing, beautiful fic. I loved that it was in second person POV and I loved the powerful imagery and words. :D


Chapter 1
Reviewer: Rynn (Signed)
05/08/07 - 11:41 pm

Oh dear God.

That was absoultely stunning.  I stand before you, utterly speechless.  I have got tears in my eyes - this is...just so beautiful.  The use of second person worked wonders here, and I absolutely loved the bits in parenthesis you used, they were really a highlight of the story.  But wow - this story is just too good for words - nothing can describe how amazing it is.  You, my dear, are an extrodinary writer.  This  Don't ever stop writing.  This was enchanting, phenomenal, haunting...simply beautiful!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: shameless (Signed)
25/02/07 - 10:11 pm

Chapter 1
Reviewer: belle (Signed)
10/02/07 - 11:09 am

This story is extremely captivating. I love second-person POV, and rarely get to read it because it's not often written. I loved this, and I really felt as if I was in the story, and that was me.

 I also love how you talk about religion. I'm not Christian, but it's interesting how contrary to all I've been hearing, the preist (I think) was stragely supportive of the protagonist. I think that's lovely.

 You should be very proud of yourself for writing this. Amazing job.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Lady Apostrophe (Signed)
07/02/07 - 04:48 pm

Wow. This was positively would think that such a piece would be controversial, but it's not in the least.

The best part of it is th POV combined with your writing, because you somehow manage, with great skill and grace, put the reader in the protagonist's shoes, no matter what their religion/sexuality. It was extremely powerful--even though I do not share the protagonist's sexuality, I could still empathize with her. That's an incredible feat to accomplish in writing and you've done it.

The most wonderful and most inspiring part of this, though, was your description and view of God. It seems like such a unique perspective that God would simply be all of an individual, really be a part of them, and that that person would really be a part of God, yet it makes so much sense. I think you captured it perfectly.

Great job.


Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mariana (Signed)
05/02/07 - 02:24 pm

I am amazed at how wonderful this was.  It was very moving, very powerful.  The combination of second person voice, heartfelt and emotional writing, and the highly effective asides in italics all worked together to paint a very intimate portrait of the protagonist.  It all just worked so well; I can't think of anything to criticize about your style. 

I did find a couple of grammar mistakes, and I hate to bring them up at all because you write so well in a second language, but here they are: "heads and tails" should be "heads or tails," "makes you steal yourself" should be "makes you steel yourself," "a, impeccable red line" should be "an impeccable red line," "No sounds has announced" should be "No sounds have announced," and "Everything that is you surge towards him" should be "Everything that is you surges towards him.

I think what makes this story so successful is the way you make the struggles of belief and homosexuality so easy to relate to.  Everything is so believable, her joys and sorrows and fears... Great job; I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response:


I am so happy that you would take your time to leave me such a detailed review. I'm so honoured that you liked this piece of fiction so much.

Second person PoV is one of my most favoured voices. When I come to think about it, most of my original work is written in second person PoV and I've never even wondered why.

Thank you once again, the grammar mistakes shall be corrected.

~ S.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Oracle (Anonymous)
05/02/07 - 01:45 pm

You know, I usually don't enjoy reading stories written in the second person, because I'm usually feeling as though the author has taken great presumption to write about what I am feeling without so much as consulting me.

This time, however, I must say that the use of second person as well as the parenthetical phrases made this fic very, very powerful.  I could really put myself in the protagonist's fact, I really felt as though I was the protagonist.

The imagery was very, very good...the only thing I could say is that I would have enjoyed the last scene being expanded just a bit more.  Other than that, was perfect. 

Author's Response:


Thanks so much for reviewing. I'm happy that, despite of the short ending scene, you liked this story, which in many ways is my baby.

~ S.

Chapter 1
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