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Reviewer: Desslok (Signed)
09/27/2005 04:03 pm
Odd to think of Dumbledore in a romantic fashion, but I love the "Sock Tradition." It is really sweet. I almost wish you'd used it in a H/G story instead, ala the first incarnation of the story, where she and Harry realize that he loves her more than her many suitors. :) Still, perfect as is!

Traditional Socks
Reviewer: CynthiaPotter (Signed)
09/26/2005 01:17 am
Ahh! Wonderful, wonderful! Absolutly fabulous! I can't tell you how many times I smiled through out reading this story! It's so sweet and romantic! *giggles* Finally an answer to one of my favorite questions! Even if it's not to canon! Socks! socks socks socks!!! *sigh* I loved it. So refreshing! This is the first Albus/Minnie I've read, so obviously it's different for me. They're not very popular are they? that ship I mean. Hm... ;)

Traditional Socks
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
09/07/2005 03:05 am
I loved reading this. AD/MM is normally a ship I would not be interested in reading but you have done it marvellously. And the whole socks thing is just so cute.

Traditional Socks
Reviewer: Creative Quill (Signed)
08/24/2005 12:38 am
Dumbledore/McGonagall fluff! And SOCKS! I love it! CQ

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

Traditional Socks
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