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Reviewer: joslinRhae (Anonymous)
03/11/2007 07:06 pm
AH! The fluffiness, it's all over me! Geeeet iiiit ooooof! On second thought, leave it on! That was so funny! I loved it! Hahahah! Wow, I'm dorky...

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Reviewer: happyday (Signed)
02/14/2007 09:25 pm
Amazing.  That is all I can say...  Totally Amazing. Great job.

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Reviewer: XxrealityxX (Anonymous)
03/20/2006 12:44 am
Awww! Yes, the fluffiness...

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Reviewer: Hellfire (Anonymous)
08/26/2005 12:44 am
LOL. I love the fluff. it was so sweet. "Smiles"

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Reviewer: kamille (Anonymous)
08/18/2005 02:24 pm
A nice bit of fluff. Keep it up!

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Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
08/16/2005 06:51 pm
well that certainly perked me up after reading the other fic. don't get me wrong they're both brilliant! i just needed some fluffiness after such a sad (but wonderful) story.

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Reviewer: toughlove (Anonymous)
08/16/2005 02:28 pm
I thought this fic was incredibly cute and funny. I especially like how Harry always gets himself into deeper holes (with the help of Ginny of course) when it comes to troubled situations. I definitely enjoyed this. Especially the kiss at the end-which if you had wanted to, you could have described to all of us. It seemed slgihtly shorter when I read it than what I picked up from Ginny's reaction. Thank you for submitting this. I enjoyed it.

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