Reviews For What Lay Within

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Reviewer: Serenitee (Signed)
01/01/2006 06:36 am
Wow, its ace, congratulations!

What Lay Within
Reviewer: emmamoonpotter (Signed)
09/16/2005 03:41 pm
I know it's been said, but Ginny popping out of the cake was so great. Very well done. Good luck.

What Lay Within
Reviewer: ninkenate (Signed)
09/11/2005 03:45 pm
I really liked Ginny popping out of the cake. Good luck with the challenge.

What Lay Within
Reviewer: Ima Quidditch Fan (Signed)
09/06/2005 02:01 am
Very sweet. Interesting cake!

What Lay Within
Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl (Signed)
09/02/2005 10:57 am
aww, so sweet and fluffy Greta! I LOVE the b-day cake, it was awesome!!!

What Lay Within
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
08/26/2005 08:07 am
Every foul and respectful thought he had for him. And while he knew now why he had done it, he would never forgive Severus Snape for killing Albus Dumbledore. They both nodded curtly, and after Harry had kindly thanked Snape for coming, he returned to his friends. Heh. While I happen to agree with you that Snape is still on the Light side, this is an incredible way to describe how I imagine Harry feels toward him. I especially like the every fould and respectful thought You are quite profound at times. the heavy looking sugary Philosopher’s Stone landing on Snape’s crooked nose. HAHAHAHA! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! *Sigh* I do really love the way you write my favorit couple. This was just beautiful.

What Lay Within
Reviewer: Dianne (Signed)
08/16/2005 02:10 pm
OH, that was awesome! You had a little of something from all aspects of what the final battle had been like, without making the story too long, which is my downfall when I write. Bravo for perfect length and flawless spelling and grammar too! l loved the part where you stated that Harry got across both his resentment and respect for Snape in one look. If you ever did a flashback on this story, I would definitely read it! You really packed all of the elements of the challenge in your story admirably and the bonus phrases flow smoothly in it. I'm so glad Harry ended up with Ginny and I give this story a ten!

Author's Response: I must, at this point, thank Desslok for his offer to Beta this for me!! (I know I should put up an A/N for that). He was so helpful, and his suggestions were excellent!!Thanks for the kind words....I really do appreciate them...and are at the moment the cause of a bright blush!!!

What Lay Within
Reviewer: Rachael (Anonymous)
08/13/2005 11:31 am
What an awesome and new way for Harry to take down Voldemort! And, nice tie in with “Harry’s Monster”! I love it!!! Ginny popping out of Harry’s birthday cake! HAHAHAHAHA! That’s great! Oh, that ending was wonderful! I really, really liked this fic! Great job!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Rachael. 'Harry's monster' was something that came to me when re-reading HBP. I liked the idea and tried to indert it here. I'm glad you think it worked! Thanks again for taking the time to review!!

What Lay Within
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