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Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
08/27/2005 06:55 pm
*Snicker* I just love how you have Ginny walking all over Malferret and dominating him in this fic. It's just great! And we get Harry and Ginny together soon (hopefully) Yeah! Great job, Sarah!

Author's Response: Ginny has to be the boss, and the sword helps. I can see Malfoy enjoying the luxeries for a bit and forgetting all about learning to fight, although maybe he will in the end. Next chapter will be some fluff between Harry and Ginny.

Chapter 7: Bears and Bruises
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
08/21/2005 01:54 pm
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That chapter was even better than I expected! You have Neville down to a "T", and his stumbling over the sentences and admonshing Hermione to give them in smaller bits was classic! I loved Ginny's reaction to everything as well. This story is just too funny! Great job!

Author's Response: It was great fun for me to write, most especially since Ginny was in the chapter. I can just see her doing that sort of thing.

Chapter 6: Who Let Him Preach!?
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
08/21/2005 01:47 pm
*snicker* I am thoroughly enjoying reading the boys *and Luna* trying to learn survival skills. It's a stroke of genius having Luna be excellent at everything, and for having Ron & Harry recognize and appreciate Hermione and Ginny so much. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Well, it should be frusterating to them and instead I can imagine the two of them thnking "let's try and get better then"

Chapter 5: Swimming With The Fishies
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Anonymous)
08/21/2005 01:35 pm
Excellent chapter, Sarah! So you want to be a tyrant LOL! Great job, this fic rocks!

Author's Response: Thanks :-D

Chapter 4: My Ideas Are Stupid
Reviewer: Surplus Imagination (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:29 am
I like Luna's part, but I remember Will Scarlet as being a hothead. I keep wondering if she'll change. Good story. I'll be looking for your updates.

Author's Response: He was a hothead but I'm not sure if Luna would ever be... but she is the best which makes her a lot of fun. I'll be updating soon.

Chapter 5: Swimming With The Fishies
Reviewer: Surplus Imagination (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:24 am
'So you want to be a tyrant'! That really cracked me up. Flashes of Kevin Cosner's movie Robin Hood keep flashing through my head while I read. Especially Rickman as the Sherrif's exclaimation of 'I'll cut your heart out. . . with a spoon!'. too much fun!

Author's Response: LOL Yeah, it's fun since they did play the same role. I didn't know that until I'd already written a few chapters though.

Chapter 4: My Ideas Are Stupid
Reviewer: Surplus Imagination (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:16 am
I like Ginny with a sword! Too cute. On to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: That sword... well it will come in to play later.

Chapter 3: Dresses and Nitwits
Reviewer: Surplus Imagination (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:09 am
This is fun. I particularly liked the commentary. Good job :)

Author's Response: Thanks :-)

Chapter 2: Lead, Follow Or... Nock
Reviewer: Surplus Imagination (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:03 am
This is very good! I'm really enjoying everyone's role. I wish I had a lightning bolt switch!

Author's Response: Me too! Their roles are a lot of fun to write.

Chapter 1: The Begining
Reviewer: Surplus Imagination (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:02 am
Interesting. I like it.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad.

Prologue: Words Can Trap You
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