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Reviewer: blueclover13 (Signed)
08/24/2005 01:51 pm
aww! at first, i didnt know who she was getting married to. i was soo distraught, what if it wasnt harry? ohmigod!! who else could it be? dean? i was soo nervous, and their strange behaviour towards one another threw me off completely. well done i say!! cheers! -blue

A Knut in my shoe
Reviewer: JustAMuggle (Signed)
06/24/2005 09:35 am
Wonderful story! In some parts, it reminds me of my wedding! The gift from Tonks still makes me laugh.

A Knut in my shoe
Reviewer: AberforthsAvatar (Signed)
06/02/2005 05:48 pm
I just walked my younger daughter down the aisle last Sunday, so this story appealed to me very much. I especially liked the way that you kept the focus on Ginny and her point of view, letting us know that Harry was to be the groom only after piquing our curiosity thoroughly. Slipping in that Ginny was a Puddlemere chaser at the end was a nice touch as well. The whole tone of the piece was consistently light and fun. I enjoyed it very much! Thanks for sharing this with us all.

A Knut in my shoe
Reviewer: Greg (Signed)
05/16/2005 10:31 am
Well, I'am not a girl, nor a woman. I've been married, but from my point of view it was very different... Anyway, this is nice fluff and the kind i'd be glad to read more often... good for the spirit

A Knut in my shoe
Reviewer: Lourdes, WizardTales staff (Anonymous)
05/15/2005 05:37 pm
I love the idea of the knut. It was very clever to put this at the very end after all the dizzy atmosphere created when someone gets married. You really depicted the flurry of activities that go on before the actual ceremony very well. I suggest that full stops would have been more effective than the dashes. In the context with which you have included these dashes, the ful stops would have given the sentences a more dramatic effect.

A Knut in my shoe
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/10/2005 04:55 pm
I clicked on this story from the home page so I wasn't sure who you had Ginny marrying. I think it was great that you went through almost the entire thing barely even mentioning him. I am so glad that Molly didn't make everything pink (not very fond of the colour either).

A Knut in my shoe
Reviewer: amblewat (Signed)
05/10/2005 12:39 pm
That was an excellent read. So lovely

A Knut in my shoe
Reviewer: Muggle Witch (Signed)
05/06/2005 03:49 pm
Ah, weddings. Well done and so cute!

A Knut in my shoe
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