Reviews For The Little Moments

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Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
05/04/2006 01:47 pm
Really well written chapter.... Loved the intimate moments between Harry and Ginny.... and Molly is super cool Mrs Weasley

Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
04/14/2006 09:21 pm


Oh! this is fabulous stuff. I loved it, loved it, loved it!

Please ma'am, may I have some more?

Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
03/08/2006 08:46 pm
awesome. briliant. excelent.

Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
03/08/2006 05:30 pm
Haha! Oh, this is brilliant! Absolutely marvelous, the way you've balanced emotions in this. Ginny's thoughts are completely in character, as are Harry's reactions to everything. I love the way you wrote this - so realistic, with just that perfect twinge of almost irreverent humor - and you put it together very cleanly. Great job on this, and thanks for it. Do take care!

Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl (Signed)
01/18/2006 09:09 pm
LOL Oh dear, I can't even imagine doing that on a broom!! I am obviosuly not a daring Gryffindor :-) Your words were touching and brought out a lot of emotions for me as the reader and I thank you for sharing!!

Reviewer: Desslok (Signed)
09/28/2005 04:25 pm
Playful, with a hint of naughtiness. I loved it! I agree that their relationship would likely include some ferocious arguments followed by torrid "making-up" afterwards. I can also see them trying "that" on a broom.... Very good!

Reviewer: kjpzak (Anonymous)
08/08/2005 10:32 am
Your stories always, always bring a smile to my face! I love the notion of Hermione as a closet romance novel fan - it fits! Ron and the firewhiskey/tea - oh, how I'd like to be a fly on the wall when Molly finds that out. And Harry and Ginny - sweet and funny and touching. Wonderful!

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