Reviews For Two Days Early

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Reviewer: Jorgie (Anonymous)
08/10/2005 05:57 pm
I really enjoyed your story everything came together well keepup the good work and i hope to read more from you in the future

Chapter 2
Reviewer: Melindaleo (Anonymous)
08/10/2005 04:21 pm
Good start to your story. You have things in the reverse order than I'd imagined them (with the wedding first, then Harry's stay at the Dursleys) but it works for your story. I like the idea of Ginny being there with him. Darn Uncle Vernon had to ruin everything for Harry as usual, blasted man.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: kjpzak (Signed)
08/10/2005 04:10 pm
You know, I probably wasn't supposed to laugh at "...then Dumbledore died and you dumped me." but I did. It was so succintly put and I could just see Ginny saying that as if it were a fact of life and Harry was an idiot. A wonderfully written story. The emotions rang true and sweet. Thank you for sharing!

Chapter 2
Reviewer: shawn (Anonymous)
08/10/2005 11:33 am
Wow, this was a very good fic. It is my biggest hope that the power harry ends up having, which DD says is love, is personified in book 7 by his love for Ginny and hers for him. Awesome story, really

Chapter 2
Reviewer: Greg (Signed)
08/10/2005 10:43 am
This one is very beautiful and well written. Very good for rainy days when you want some fluff. Keep going with fan fics...

Chapter 2
Reviewer: Tron (Anonymous)
08/10/2005 09:28 am
That was beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful story.

Chapter 2
Reviewer: kjpzak (Anonymous)
08/08/2005 11:20 pm
Excellent beginning! Your attention to detail is incredible. I thought I was standing in the rain with Ginny. My heart aches for poor Harry. I'm looking forward to ch 2, too!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: mary_v (Signed)
08/07/2005 02:28 pm
XO. Woah. Like. Oh my God. Words deceive me. GREAT work. I'm anxiously looking forward to chapter 2!!! ~Maria~

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your kind reviews and my first review here. :) I hope you like the second/last part, too. Should be up soon (fingers crossed).

Chapter 1
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