Reviews For WooDoo

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Reviewer: mary-v (Anonymous)
08/07/2005 02:02 pm
Brilliant!! :D I absolutely loved it! ~Maria~

Author's Response: Thank you Mary! I'm glad you liked it :) Thanks again!

Reviewer: ElusiveEvan (Signed)
08/05/2005 06:19 pm
LOL! Good story, I loved the thought of Woo Doo dolls.

Author's Response: Thank you ElusiveEvan! They are pretty cool ;) Thanks again!

Reviewer: CARA (Anonymous)
08/02/2005 09:14 pm
HILARIOUS! This was great. I hope you post a followup. That's brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you Cara! You're words mean alot :)

Reviewer: Emmeline Vance (Anonymous)
07/29/2005 05:42 pm
Great job! I loved it--it was a very entertaining read and well-written. Keep up the great work! Do you have other stories posted on other sites? I'd like to read them. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do have a wip called Court Ordered Diet (based on a real news story) at Tauri and HarryPotterFanFiction. Now that I'm back from vacation, I'll be working on the next update. Thanks again!

Reviewer: Greg (Signed)
07/28/2005 08:13 am
This one-shot is very nice and completely in character for both Harry and Ginny, contrary to the end of HPB. Since I see so many stories here dealing with the break-up, I think we all share the same opinion. Keep going with other stories.

Author's Response: Thank you! I agree, no one really buys the break up. It's too easy on the author's part. Thanks again!

Reviewer: tinabell (Anonymous)
07/28/2005 07:05 am
Very clever. I love the woo doo doll! I sure do hope Harry does break down in #7!

Author's Response: Thank you! I keep picturing a big rescue in book 7, just like in the Chamber of Secrets. JKR must have a reason for the romance between the two. Thanks again!

Reviewer: Arnel (Signed)
07/28/2005 12:11 am
This is too funny! I love the "Mount Ginny" eruption reference and the fact that she's out for revenge. I also had a nice chuckle that Hermione wants to enjoy "the show". Poor Harry, he had absolutely no idea what is in the Pandora's box he unleashed when he broke up with Ginny...All I can say is "Oh, MY!" And I love it that Hermione is now considering her own WooDoo doll...too funny!

Author's Response: Thank you! I just couldn't believe that Ginny would walk away so easily. Especially not after the arguement she put up about the Dept of Mysteries. I think that JKR needs to seperate the two so that Harry can rescue Ginny in book 7, just like i nthe Chamber of Secrets. Thank you for such a nice review!

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