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Reviewer: Kagome (Signed)
08/14/2005 11:20 am
Winky and Dobby, I'm wondering why you haven't got any review yet... isn't your master paying attention to what you do? Oh I was forgetting that... your master is Harry... harry Potter and paying attention aren't words that fit together. Well, what shall I say. I laughed so hard reading this fic. The humour is masterfully written and lets me pass over americanisms like "gotten" (which here makes people giggle a bit, so maybe it's doing its purpose anyway). There aren't many americanisms though, well done to cmply with canon! Youknow what I liked the best? The bit about Lily thinking about how stupid a man would be staying there waiting 20 minutes since there was another bathroom just for men next door. the silly thing you never notice when you should ;) I don't like James, but I like the James you portray here. I'm only talking about chapter one anyway. let's go reading chapter two... I shall tell you later :)

Author's Response: Dobby: Yeah, James was a bit stoopid about the bathroom thingo... Winky: YOu don't spell stoopid like that, you stoopid idiot!

Who is REALLY Head Boy?
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