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Reviewer: philmonthiker1 (Signed)
06/04/2011 04:32 pm
This is sooo good!! =D Please keep writing, and never stop! =D

Author's Response:

But if I never stop, then there would be nothing else to write about=D

Chapter 3
Reviewer: WriterLady (Signed)
05/18/2011 01:16 pm

You've definitely gotten me curious - as I'm sure was your intent - about where Harry and Ginny have been, etc.  And what does Van Helsig have to do with it?  That's intruiging, too!

Chapter 2
Reviewer: WriterLady (Signed)
05/18/2011 01:15 pm

I like the beginning of this story - it's intruiging.  I'm usually not too in to "alternate universe" stories - I'm more of a canon kind of girl.  This one, though, seems like it's going to be worth the read.  I look forward to seeing how it develops!

Chapter 1
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