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Reviewer: Gmariam (Signed)
07/27/2009 07:42 pm

The title intrigued me, especially after I read your note (and learned what 'ellyn' meant.) Very cute! The elves conversation was very light-hearted and natural and Arwen's reactions rather humorous. She did seem a bit. . . prudish, perhaps, but I'll be keeping an eye out for her in your other stories to see if she loosens up a bit as she matures. ;) Great work! ~Gina

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Arwen is indeed a bit prudish here, but she is very young, as far as elves go. ;) Sadly, most of my character study work featuring her is not permissible at this site as it does not meet the 1000 word chapter requirement. The way I post those tales is not conducive to posting them to the drabble board, but I can point you to where they are posted. You can find them at fanfiction dot net or lotrfanfiction dot net under the same pen name and they are in the collection entitled Find the Sun. There are two, I think: Treasured Moments and Wicked. The latter will show you just how UNprudish she has become by the time she's married Aragorn. :) Thanks again for reading! ~ NiRi

The Strange Conversations Habits of Ellyn
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