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Reviewer: Gmariam (Signed)
07/26/2009 09:23 pm

Fantastic! I loved how you took Boromir's words to the Council and crafted a story from them - it was perfect to start and end the piece with the direct quotation from the book. I love reading 'missing moments' like this in the Potterverse and now I can read them in Middle earth!

I am particularly impressed by your blend of styles: a bit of your own, a bit of Tolkien. Most of it reads more modern and original, until you throw in a line that Tolkien could have written himself just to remind us that Middle earth isn't a modern place, after all. I appreciate that: I have not read mucht ME fanfic (actually, yours might be some of the first!), but I think I prefer stories that are closer to his style than not. And having written one ME story, I know it's hard!!

The other thing that is just fantastic about this story is the descriptive language: you not only describe things beautifully, but you describe them in comparison to other things in Middle earth (" a freezing gale blasting down from Mindolluin in Winter") You obviously know your Tolkien and it lends a real verisimilitude to your writing, not to mention great beauty and fluidity.

I hope my gushing made sense. I am really enjoying your writing! One question: what is your Undying Friendship series? The first two stories were about Legolas and this one is about Boromir - how are they all connected?

Wonderful job!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely (and long!) review! I am honored that you enjoyed it so much. I'm glad the small nuances are finally coming through in my writing. It's taken me three years of beating my head against a wall to get there. :)

The Undying Friendship series is my main series and most canon compliant series. Odds are most things I write fall into this one. Many are stand alones and simply are part of the series due to the nature of the story (canon compliant and based on friendship or family), though I might build on them at a later time. The shorter ficlets are generally character studies that help me work out the characterizations of certain characters. One example would be my Heart of the Elvenking series, a sub series about Thranduil and based loosely in the Undying Friendship Series (some elements may be AU to the UFS). I currently have over 65 stories in the series, ranging from drabbles and short ficlets (posted in collections) to long one shots to novel length, multi-chaptered tales. It's got humor, angst, drama, family, friendship, gap filler, name it! Set from the first through the fourth ages, though most are set in the Third Age. Many stories are interconnected or sequels to others. I have several different series that are NOT related, and I have some one shots that are stand alones and are NOT part of the UFS. IT's complicated. I can't write in just one universe. When I explore characters, I want to explore every possibility. So in the UFS, Legolas is the youngest of five siblings (one died in the Last Alliance long before his birth). He is single and not really interested in marrying, though he eventually weds in Aman. In the UFS, Thranduil's wife was also killed when Legolas was a young adolescent. Whereas in my Greenwood Prince Series, Legolas marries young, his mother is alive and he only has one brother. In another series, I have written him as an only child. I have an overactive imagination, what can I say! LOL!

With this short on Boromir, it is based on the love between the brothers and there is another short ficlet with these two that is too short to be posted here as it's only a couple hundred words. But I might explore it further and link it more in time. The OCs that escape with them for instance, might come back into later stories as well. This series just continues to build on itself. You'll see it more as I post more and more of my work here. The keystone story is my first, Never Again, but it is in dire need of editing before I put it up here. You'll find most of the tale center on the friendship of the Three Hunters and especially Legolas and Gimli, but I also have a great respect for Faramir/Eowyn and Eomer/Lothiriel. I've also tied it into the First age at one point with a multi-age fic. O.o Dang, sometimes it blows me away how BIG this has gotten! Hope that helps explain. I can get carried away with my babbling. :) I'm trying to post the most recent stories that are in least need of editing first.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

A Dark Shadow Under The Moon
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
07/26/2009 06:54 pm

The thing sticks out most for me in this story is your impeccable characterization of Boromir's reluctance to give up.  I also loved the way that you wove this story into established canon without a flaw.  Rather than a completely separate story, this has more of a feeling of a 'missing moment' that Tolkien might have written himself.  Excellent work!  We're glad to have you on board at WT!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! What a lovely review! I'm so glad this worked seamlessly for you. I rather enjoy writing these gap filler scenes and trying to stay within canon while doing so. So glad it worked for you. :) And I'm happy to be here. Many thanks to Alassante for pointing the way. I was a little hesitant with the strict posting rules, but I'm glad I gave it a go. :)

A Dark Shadow Under The Moon
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