Reviews For Bittersweet

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Reviewer: myownmuggle (Signed)
03/11/2009 04:14 pm

I'm so glad you decided to submit this to WT!  I like the way you've begun to develop characters that we haven't seen as much of in canon and made them human.  I especially enjoyed the way you've portrayed Ernie and Neville not just as their stereotyped characters from the books.

Well done! 

Author's Response:

Thank you.  I'm glad you recommended this site.  I really like Neville - I like how he's grown up through the books.  As for Ernie, I really fell in love with the Ernie portrayed in thanfiction's work, and adopted him and have tried to flesh out his and Susan's story in more detail.  I hope people enjoy them.  Thanks for your help as well on the advice for uploading future chapters and other stories.  I'm looking forward to getting more up here soon.

Chapter 1 - Return to Hogwarts
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