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Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
09/06/2005 04:32 pm
Ch.1 - - Well written, cleverly set up and executed. Great conversations. Then you rip my guts out with the last few paragraphs!

Switching Places
Reviewer: James And Lily 4eva (Signed)
09/02/2005 01:39 am
very nice story

Dress Code
Reviewer: Dana (Signed)
08/15/2005 11:50 am
John!! What a wonderful first chapter! It really was good...but Ginny's not marrying Harry? *looks sad* Maybe I should read more.... You had me laughing at some parts to. Great job....I would read more but I have to get off for now and write ch5 of Drowning so tootles *hugs*

Switching Places
Reviewer: emmamoonpotter (Signed)
07/03/2005 05:26 pm
I am so glad you are going to finish this story. It's very good and I loved reading it. You certainly made me think Ginny and Harry were getting married! LOL. Great job!

Author's Response: thanks hope i don't dissappoint! this was much harder to write than comedy.

Switching Places
Reviewer: Dianne (Signed)
07/02/2005 03:20 pm
okay, I was fooled for the entire chapter! Well done! I think by now I know you a little...and you wouldn' t have her marry anyone but Harry....right!!?? I love how you write Ginny's character, because you kind of have to make her up as she only mentioned briefly in canon. I am so glad to have discovered that you write (even though I feel silly for not having remembered this before now) I agree with you...Mugglewitch is a wonderful person! I hope when the story continues, it will contain a win by the Chudley Cannons as this is just too delicious to pass up, don't you think?...Ron on the team and all? This is a great story! I have enjoyed everything you've written! I think Harry as a healer is a brilliant idea too, as I am with you...I think that he would be tired of fighting the bad guys and I think he would be a very empathetic healer, having gone through so much pain in young life. I think he would be a perfect child's healer. I have seen Ginny as a healer in stories before, but never Harry and I really like that. I am so pleased that you didn't just have him automatically become an auror or something similar. I can see that healing would be a healing experience for him as well. I wonder how he will feel when he visists wards of people who were hurt in the final battle who may be permanently damages or such. Having Snape as Headmaster was also really smart. I don't know if you intend to have him in the story, but I like the concept. You can go anywhere with that. Anyway, all of the stuff I've read so far, is a ten and both of my thumbs up!!!!

Switching Places
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