Reviews For New Traditions

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Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
07/26/2009 11:07 pm

This was a fun story!  I especially liked how Teddy's hair changed from blue to brown when he was disappointed.  Very cute, and very much like his mother!  I like that Harry wanted to establish traditions for Teddy so that Teddy would not grow up feeling any kind of loss of love.  Very Harry.  Great work!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! I had a great time with this story. It was originally for a challenge during the Christmas season and although I didn't win, or even place in the challenge, it was really fun to write. I'm so happy you enjoyed it and liked the Tonks influence on Teddy. Harry seems to be different every time I write him. I do like to write him a little more mature than the original Harry, but that's just me and the influence of my own kids. Harry knew the feeling of loss and distance during the growing up years, so it made sense to me that he would do whatever it took to make sure his godson didn't feel any of it. Thanks again for the review!

Chapter 1
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