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Reviewer: Lydia-hime (Signed)
08/05/2009 02:43 pm

I absolutely love this story that you have written! The one thing I would ever want from Harry Potter would be that Lily and Snape had gotten together. Of course, if that happened, there would be no Harry Potter. But I would want at least an alternative deminsion just to make me happy.

And that's what you have created... I love it. Please update this soon.

Author's Response: I completely agree-- I thought he deserved an alternative reality also. :) I'm so glad you like this particular version. Thanks so much for the review! I just posted another chapter for approval, and I'm working on a few more, although real life is busy enough that it's taking forever. :) Thanks again.

Chapter 7- Quite the Slytherin
Reviewer: Thessalyrose (Signed)
07/20/2009 06:53 pm

No reviews? Holy cow. This story must not have been here long.

This is thoroughly enjoyable. It's hard to write a story with so much internal monologue and so little external action, but you've nevertheless done a great job of it. I can't help wondering how you're going to get Severus back into the Death Eaters in time to meet up with canon events, but I'm sure you'll manage it and it'll be heartbreaking. 

Author's Response: Thanks so much-- I am really glad you're enjoying it. :) It's actually AU-- JKR made a comment about how Lily might have actually gone out with him if he hadn't been attracted to such loathsome people and acts, and (being a bit skeptical that this would actually happen-- I think a LOT of changes on both of their parts would have to occur), I went with the premise of Severus having a change of heart a lot younger-- before James and Lily became an item-- and since then I've just kind of seen where the story has taken me. :) I'll post the next chapter soon-- thanks for reminding me. Real life is getting in the way.

Chapter 7- Quite the Slytherin
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