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Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
02/23/2009 11:38 pm

You are, indeed, the Queen of Fluff. 

Great story!  I love the tension between them, and I love how you write Remus; just as he appears in my head.

And your ending!  Your ending was perfect, and had me laughing!

Author's Response:

The Queen bows in thanks.  >.<

This is probably as close to angst as I've written!  This is, of course, how I see Remus as well.  Charming, controlled and a bit of a rascal.  As for the end, you'll see it's sort of my style to leave on a light or humours note.  I've not mastered the art of a dramatic ending, so a chuckle will have to do.  Besides, this is exactly how I saw things happening when I read DH.  Did anyone else think that might be part of the reason for the quick and quiet wedding?  If you do the math, it works itself out.  ;)

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