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Reviewer: Martina (Anonymous)
02/29/2008 01:19 pm
Please, please update! I've followed nearly all of your writing on Sugarquill, and it really would be a catastrophe if I couldn't continue with that just because Sugarquill has stopped updating. Really, there's nothing I don't like about your writing; the characterizations are spot-on, the language conveys what you want it to convey, and the plot is so skillfully mastered. So please, please, update!

Author's Response:
Have they really?  Oh, darn, and I've still been putting stuff on there.  Well, everything I've written is on WT, and I'll keep putting it up here.  It's so very accessible. 
I'm sorry it's taking so long to get chapters up.  "Double Justice" is actually the first story ever I started (the mention of Grindelwald in the first HP book got me started--and the peculiar mention of that scar on Dumbledore's leg), but Minerva's character intrigued me so, I decided to start with her story, and of course it just grew and grew.  So now, I have this third story that no longer dovetails with the first two, so I'm, practically rewriting it.  I almost decided to scrap it altogether, but your letter gives me hope, and so I will persevere to the end.
 Thanks for making my day, Martina!

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