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Reviewer: WriterLady (Signed)
05/15/2011 03:03 am

This is a very powerful statement on the importance of caring enough to be involved when someone is going through a hard time.  Though I wouldn't characterize Rowling's Harry this way necessarily, you've done a wonderful job with the emotions of the thing.

Nobody Cared
Reviewer: They_Call_Me_Padfoot (Anonymous)
07/25/2007 01:01 am
seeing harry hurt himself isnt pleasant but ur turning the light on something dark nice writing its very different

Author's Response:

You're right about Harry hurting himself, I don't enjoy it either...but for some reason those are the kinds of stories that always come out of me.  I have another one I'm posting as soon as they reopen...I'm trying to write one where he's NOT doing that but we'll see how it turns out. May be Draco/Harry...

Anyway...thanks for the review!!!

Nobody Cared
Reviewer: GaiaRhiannon (Signed)
07/18/2007 06:33 pm
Cutting isn't a subject I'm comfortable reading about, especially if Harry is the one hurting himself.  However, having said that, this short story is very well written and points out what can happen when people who are close to the person don't speak up and intervene. You've captured the essence of a very dark subject in just a few paragraphs.  GaiaR

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and for your honesty! I appreciate it!!!

Nobody Cared
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