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Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
07/15/2007 04:20 am
Very nice... i've never seen this particular theme explored before.. it certainly made for interesting reading.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing my story.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: loosyGoosy (Anonymous)
07/13/2007 11:23 pm
That was really well written, I thought.  And I love the fact that it has Sirius in it.  *sigh* I never find good stories with Padfoot in it.  Please update soon(unless this isn't a oneshot?)!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, but it is a one-shot though. 

Chapter 1
Reviewer: VacantSkies (Signed)
07/12/2007 03:48 am

Whoa, you talk about some very serious things indeed.  I'm guessing by Remus' reaction being questioned about whether or not he ever tried to kill himself that he really did try at some point in the past.  That's a portrayal of his character that I've never seen done before, but it's one that I don't find too unlikely.  After all, for the longest time he was without his three best friends and he has no family that is ever mentioned in the books - then to make things even worse for him he's ostracized from society because he's a werewolf.

I'm interested to see how you will end up finishing this.  Keep writing! 

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review and the great observation about Remus.

Chapter 1
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