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Reviewer: hpgwfan (Signed)
07/22/2008 09:49 pm

write a sequle dude

Firewhisky and Frumious Gripples
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
08/30/2007 11:33 am
*laughs*  This was cute.  I love how Draco thanks Luna.  Great job!

Firewhisky and Frumious Gripples
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/25/2007 05:44 pm
Hmm... this was.. well interesting. I didn't see the point of it but as a drabble it wasn't too bad.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.  I suppose the point was to show Draco Malfoy in a moment of transition, where he re-examines his prejudices, and how the silliest thing, like Luna's comment, can bring about a much-needed change in the way we view the world around us.

Firewhisky and Frumious Gripples
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/24/2007 11:06 am
Great fun!  I'd love to see this expanded.  You've chosen your cast of characters well: a grumpy Draco, Harry for Draco to belittle, Hermione with her infuriating common sense, Ron (though I think he's underused here as keeper of the hooch), and Luna, as daffy counterpoint to Hermione.  Write on, oh Aestel!

Author's Response:

Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it and the way the characters worked.  It was pretty hard for me to try to capture them in under 500 words.

I won't be expanding this drabble if I can help it, but anyone else is welcome to.

Firewhisky and Frumious Gripples
Reviewer: belezza (Signed)
06/22/2007 09:41 pm
I really liked this drabble. It was short and sweet. I think you really wer e able to capture everyone's relatioships with eachother. Great job! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you =D  I'm glad it worked for you.

Firewhisky and Frumious Gripples
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