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Reviewer: Acacia7 (Signed)
06/18/2008 04:58 am

This story is well written and entertaining, but I stopped reading at chapter 26, as I finally realized that Harry and Ginny were not going to end up together, and I didn't want to see any other outcome.

 I was hoping that Luci would turn out to be either half veela or to have used a love potion on Harry. I thought Harry was looking rather shallow to just move on to someone else so easily.

But, keep up the good work. 



Chapter TwentySix - A Little Back and Forth
Reviewer: Threequidd (Anonymous)
08/10/2007 02:53 pm

Hi Sunny, I just love that everywhere I go I find my fave story. This is great. You should have tons of readers by now. I am work now and amazed that I can even visit a fic site. Shhh I wont tell. Keep writing

Love ya!


Reviewer: Julie (Anonymous)
07/13/2007 04:49 pm
wonderful story

Author's Response: Thank you, Julie!  So glad you've enjoyed it!  Cheers!  *Sunny*

Chapter ThirtyThree - Visible Memories
Reviewer: Andy (Anonymous)
07/12/2007 10:24 pm
Absolutely loved the way you developed Luci and Harry's relationship. I hope that there is a companion piece coming out about their marriage and life after this story.

Author's Response: Thank you, Andy!  There is absolutely a companion piece coming, glad you asked!  Should start putting that up shortly after my return from Prophecy!  Hope you're enjoying the final book...  Love, Sunny

Reviewer: Tyler (Anonymous)
07/12/2007 10:18 pm
The first chapter wasn't bad, not as well written as Tolken but not bad. 

Author's Response: Tolkien?  Do you mean J.K. Rowling?  Either way, just being compared is a huge compliment, so THANK YOU!!!  *Sunny*

Chapter One - The Magic Carpet
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/27/2007 12:56 pm
Quite a revealing chapter. I liked the convo with Dumbledore. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you, Ham!  Always love to see your comments.  I was quite proud of that Dumbledore chapter, so that's quite a compliment!  Cheers!  *Sunny*

Chapter ThirtyTwo - The Headmaster's Sacrifice
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/25/2007 02:32 pm

Yes... you wanted me to elaborate about Ron...

Well.. you seem to get Ron's character bang on at times. He is a bit clumsy with his words, a bit brash, very easily provoked and funloving most of the times.

You seemed to get him right in some scenes.. and in others he just seemed off. I expected more friction between him and Draco.. which was noticeably absent. He also was oddly very mature at times and then he regressed back to being a prat in other scenes. It just seemed that you weren't very consistentwith his character.. that's all.

It's really nothing major.. minor stuff, really. But when you are a good writer then you have to work on the minor stuff to get even better. :)

Author's Response: Hmm...  Well, I will think on Ron, look over the chapters, et cetera.  See what can be done.  You're right - it's about the minor things as much as the major, and I want to make it the best story it can be.  You've given me a lot of helpful criticisms, and it's the only way to get better, so I thank you!  I hope to hear from you when the last few chapters are posted!  Love, Sunny

Chapter One - The Magic Carpet
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/25/2007 02:25 pm

Uh-oh... even with Voldemort dead the secrets aren't over it seems. Very good chapter.

...And is it just me or are the Dumbledore's all very annoying at times. Must be a family trait.

Author's Response: Yes, the Dumbledores ARE very annoying!  I was trying to make him frustrating and evasive, like his brother, but also a bit quirkier.  Most people have been pleased with the result, thank god!

Chapter ThirtyOne - Twenty-Four Hours Found
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/25/2007 02:13 pm

Good old Sirius.. ever so funloving and predictable.

I liked the chapter.. but it was sort of... subdued..

Harry got back his godfather... somebody he is very close to... and there was no excitement, no strong emotions, nothing. It was like 'Oh, Sirius is back. Jolly good.'

One of the things you need to learn is how to build up to situations, create tension, even go deeper into emotions of characters. So far only Luci and Harry were well developed.. You baely scratched the surface of the other characters.

Your writing is good in other aspects.. but this is one area you can improve in. :)


Author's Response: Well, you've certainly given me much to think about!  I'm going to complete the story, and then I'll go back and work on the bits you've suggested.  Perhaps I can have you give it another read in the future.  =)  Cheers!  *Sunny*

Chapter Thirty - The Exchange
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/24/2007 09:12 pm

I was kinda disappointed about how Voldemort died... I mean Harry waking up in bed and Luci telling him about it... they don't even know what killed him. It sort of came off as a damp squib. It's just that the final battle should have been more exciting.

Apart from that the rest of the chapter was fairly decent.

Author's Response: What's a damp squib???  A squib who is damp???  Anyowl, more about Voldemort coming up in the final chapters.  Hey, I admitted that I suck with battles...

Chapter TwentyNine - The Prophecy Fulfilled
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