Reviews For The Darkest Hours

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Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
06/27/2007 01:31 am
u never say 'i know what you're going through' unless  the exact same thing has happened to you!!! u just say that u are there for one says that anymore, cuz we all know what type of response we'd get from somone who was mourning a death--but people always use that in stories......ginny had a point, but she also had it coming

An Extraordinary Boy
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
06/27/2007 01:24 am
is ginny gonna be a main character? she's not half bad so far, i've just read so many stories that turn her into a horrible person....

Birthday Blues
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
06/27/2007 01:15 am
lol, when moody thinks you're good, you might need to chill a bit!

Alone Again
Reviewer: belezza (Signed)
06/25/2007 06:43 pm

Wow! this story is amazing. I really loved it. I think I'm almost going to be dissappointed with Deathly Hallows after reading this. Keep up the good work. =]



The Awful Truth
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/24/2007 12:07 pm
Whoa, now Harry 's scar is a stigmata.  Scary, that.

Of Snape, & Scars
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/09/2007 09:39 pm

Ooh, Hermione put her foot in it, didn't she?

And the thought of Harry being controlled by Voldemort is really creepy.  You're put the possibility very convincingly with the slow slow, deliberate on Harry's mind.

Author's Response:

Hey, thanks so much for all your reviews...its such a great reward when i log in and see that people have enjoyed ut! :D

I hope you enjoy the rest of it too!


A Never Ending Dream
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/09/2007 09:33 pm

Oh, how I love your Dumbledore: 

" are still the same pure hearted boy you were 6 years ago. And that is what makes you extraordinary, Harry. It is the love you have that has made you into the man you are now. Yes, you are angry, yes, you are bitter - but for the right reasons!"  Awwwww......  

And Harry saying he can't--and repeating it, with such pain and humility.  I just want to cuddle the poor boy (the Molly in me, I suppose.)

Thanks for bringing that out.

An Extraordinary Boy
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/09/2007 09:28 pm

I like Ron's teasing at the beginning--very natural but also entertaining, and Harry's surly response is too:

"Want to have a good look? Anything else wrong with me?... Is my hair okay? Am I all spotty?”

I like your description of Harry with Snape too.  Chilling that Snape would show his delight in Sirius' death so obviously.

Birthday Blues
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/09/2007 09:22 pm

LOL at this: '...even you aren’t thick enough to think that I’d be able to fit in the cupboard forever...'

You've got the Dursleys cold.  Well they are cold and cruelly indifferent.  You make me really feel for Harry.  And I always thought he was kind of a whiney baby in OotP.

Alone Again
Reviewer: pammie (Anonymous)
06/06/2007 01:19 am
wow. intense chapter! so i can kinda see that voldemort is affecting harry's emotions more than harry thinks. or maybe not? i dunoo but i do know that i cnt wait for this change!!! not that angry harry is bad, its just i like less angry and angsty harry better :]]] update soon!

The Man in the Mirror
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