Reviews For The Darkest Hours

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Reviewer: Linden (Signed)
03/29/2008 02:24 pm
I really enjoy your style of writing: emotional, vividly visual, very realistic, and just the right amount of tension between Harry and Ginny.  Well done! Linden

Just Ginny
Reviewer: zoemcfoe (Anonymous)
01/06/2008 03:32 am
I know this was written ages ago, but wanted to say how wonderfully it was done.  Excellent story, terrific writing--very JKR like!

Hogsmeade Horror
Reviewer: cman (Anonymous)
08/23/2007 10:42 pm
yes, definitely write another. you know, if you want to. cause this one was great.

The Boy Who Lived
Reviewer: pammie (Anonymous)
08/12/2007 05:36 pm
REALLY great job. i enjoyed your story veryyy much. you have a great knack for writing!!

The Boy Who Lived
Reviewer: pammie (Anonymous)
08/11/2007 04:45 pm

again, veryyy close to the book.... you are GOOD :]

The Mirror of Erised
Reviewer: pammie (Anonymous)
08/11/2007 11:22 am
you hit the mark again! you are doing very well with predictions so far!!

The Awful Truth
Reviewer: pammie (Anonymous)
08/11/2007 10:59 am
wow. omg. wow. it's like... exactly like the book! AMAZING!!! wow. niceeee job.

Inside the Shrieking Shack
Reviewer: Dan (Anonymous)
07/30/2007 04:32 pm

Good work! i hardly expect the rest of the story...well...i love to hate Snape really....but each story has some "unexpected" turns.... 


The Beginning of the End
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
07/10/2007 10:56 pm

i hope harry keeps his powers, though it's doubtful. the ending was nice, even if it was all about murder and arrogance....maybe cuz harry grinned?

Draco's Desertion
Reviewer: VacantSkies (Signed)
07/05/2007 02:13 pm

Haha, this line made me laugh:

“Great,” Ron said glumly. “A depressed Harry. Just what we need.” 

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