Reviews For The Darkest Hours

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Reviewer: sbmcneil (Signed)
07/31/2011 07:20 pm
Great story! I really enjoyed it. So many elements were so well done, you made Snape good, but did not wipe out his snarky personality. The same with the Malfoys, it was very well done.

The Boy Who Lived
Reviewer: twinsmom (Signed)
06/26/2008 04:27 pm

Been meaning to read this for the longest time.  It was really good.  I was hoping for a bit more romance- that's just me.  But you really got into the story and made it into something to be proud of. 

I really enjoyed the character developement of Prof Snape and I don't even really like him. 

Great job! 

The Boy Who Lived
Reviewer: hpgwfan (Signed)
06/14/2008 12:53 pm



Bloodstained Silver
Reviewer: hpgwfan (Signed)
06/12/2008 04:13 pm
u crule

The Mirror of Erised
Reviewer: hpgwfan (Signed)
06/12/2008 01:04 pm


The Awful Truth
Reviewer: Mistress of Potions (Anonymous)
04/10/2008 02:56 pm
Who would read fanfic when they have the real thing? Any fan of the Harry Potter series. JK really blew it with the last two books.

Reviewer: Linden (Signed)
04/01/2008 02:24 am

What a wonderful tale you have shared with us.  Thank you...  And, please do write another.  I will look forward to it with great anticipation.   Fabulous story, wonderful ending!  Well done, Selene.


The Boy Who Lived
Reviewer: Linden (Signed)
03/31/2008 10:09 pm
I think this was one of the best chapters you have written.  Your talent runs true.   Linden

The Dementor's Kiss
Reviewer: Linden (Signed)
03/29/2008 06:17 pm
I know this story was written a while ago, but I had to write and tell you that I think you are a very talented writer, and I am really enjoying your tale.  I simply canNOT stop reading!  Great, great job!  Linden

Blue Light
Reviewer: Linden (Signed)
03/29/2008 05:58 pm
As I read more of your story, I realize that your talent with dialogue is delightful!  Cheers, Linden

Power and Permission
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