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Reviewer: Cori_Black (Signed)
02/05/2008 03:11 pm

Very nice...i've just finished reading the latest chapter! so much for the cliffhanger, huh? when is next chapter coming in!

p.s.--you get a 10!

Cori Black

Chapter 25: Her True Appearance
Reviewer: unknown star (Anonymous)
09/23/2007 09:53 am
ausumn!!!!great goin...!!!! keep it up:)

Author's Response: Thanks, and thank you for the review. 

Chapter 22: Family Reunion
Reviewer: Cori_Black (Signed)
07/09/2007 02:18 pm

Perfect! I love your writing!! Update soon!
Questions: Lily Ginny's desire? Will she see the Mirror of Erised?

Author's Response: Thanks Cori.  I don't have plans on having Lily Ginny look in the Mirror.  All she's desired was her parents living together like a family.

Chapter 20: Memories
Reviewer: NutsAboutHarry (Signed)
06/17/2007 11:05 am
I really like the way the story is going!  I really hope Unbridge and her offsider get their comeuppance!  I want to see Ron and Hermione get back together and likewise with Harry and Ginny!  Congratulations on the story so far and I hope your Beta reader is quick!.  Maybe you ought to poke them with your wand!....LOL

Author's Response: More like poke the site. lol.  I had the next chapter betaed, but it wasn't up to WT approvel, so I had to sent it back, but I just got it, and I'll post it.  Thanks for the review.

Prologe: Ginny's last step from the Hogwarts Express
Reviewer: Cori_Black (Signed)
06/11/2007 10:25 am

When's the next installment? I'm still waiting...although, I am the only one who has review'd you...this story is, smashing! Did I get that right? Well ttyl!

Lovies and more,

~Cori (I wish Sirius was still alive, then I could become a Black!)~

Author's Response: My beta is looking over the next chapter at this moment.  As so as I get it back and fix the mess ups, it'll be posted, and yeah, you got it right.  I'm not into text message, but I got it after a minute:D

Chapter 18: The Marauders Tell No Lies
Reviewer: Cori_Black (Signed)
06/05/2007 12:57 pm
Laser swords??-- Don't get started again....I'll never forgive you!! ~~

“Really.  I took on the deadliest man the world will ever know and survived.” --Cute really Cute!!

Mrs. Norris the Muggle??---You're too funny 

I can't wait until the christmas party! just the thought of harry jr. meeting harry sr. with his mother is priceless!! ~Lovies and more, Cori~


Author's Response: Hey, I didn't write lightsabers, now:D  T thought Harry had to show off a little to Burke, and the whole Mrs. Norris thing was like a lst minute thing I put in:D  Oh, and the Christmas party is going to be intrusting;)

Chapter 18: The Marauders Tell No Lies
Reviewer: Cori_Black (Signed)
05/24/2007 02:21 pm

Aaaah, Bliss! Thank you so so so much...I could have told you about the Crossover thingie! Well...Hurry up and write more...BEST EVER!!!

Lovies and more,


Author's Response: Thanks Cori

Chapter seventeen: Parselmouth
Reviewer: Cori_Black (Signed)
05/21/2007 12:31 pm

Best Story Ever...Please finish...PS: I've already read chapter 16...sorry!! PSS: More Installments


Author's Response: I've posted the next chapter, I'm just waiting for WT to aprove it.

Chapter 15: Harry Potter versus Dolores Umbridge
Reviewer: Cori_Black (Anonymous)
05/17/2007 12:24 pm




Author's Response: WT informed me that they do not allow cross-overs, so they had to pull them until I could take out the last name Skywalker and some other Star Wars things.  It's all good, I should have all the chapter back up be the end of today or tomorrow and the next chapter.  Sorry, Cori.

Author's Response: Next chapter's up Cori.  Enjoy;)

Prologe: Ginny's last step from the Hogwarts Express
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